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Dry Type Transformers

Servokon holds an expertise in manufacturing premium quality dry type transformers that are utilized in power distribution to step down three-phase medium voltage to low voltage. The prime functionality of it is to bring the voltage of supplied electricity to a particular level that is suitable for the use by the electric equipments or appliances. These transformers give superior performance especially if installed in the proximity to the place of their use. This installation also saves cost on the outlay of cabling and losses in cables and terminals on the low-voltage side.

Servokon has a track record of delivering high quality transformer at affordable price since inception. That is why we have huge clientele in domestic and international both the markets. Our product is used in public buildings, distribution substations, offices and a number of industries. Uncompromising commitment towards quality is another reason why the customers prefer to go with us.

Key features of dry type transformers are as follows:
  • Eco-friendly
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor applications
  • No need for fire proof vaults and toxic gas venting systems
  • Equipped with high impulse strength insulation systems
  • Compatible with all the electrical system designs
  • Reduced noise level
  • Excellent mechanical and short circuit strength
  • Leak proof and fire-resistant
  • Required low maintenance

These transformers are used primarily in metropolitan areas such as public buildings, offices, distribution substations, etc. and are also found in industrial applications.