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Transformer Manufacturing

A transformer is an electronic device that transfers the electric energy from a particular circuit to another with an alternation in voltage. Transformers only work with varying electric current like alternating current (AC). They are important in the distribution of electric power because they heighten the voltage of the electricity. This allows electrical energy to be generated at relatively low voltages and transmitted at low currents and high voltages. This minimizes the line losses and become fit to be used at safe voltages.

How Does a Transformer Work?

A simple transformer basically manufactured of two coils of insulated wire. In most transformers the wires are twined around an iron-structure which is known as core. One coil is known as primary which is connected to the alternating source that produces a constantly varying magnetic field. The varying magnetic field brings out an alternating current in the other coil. This is the secondary coil which is connected to a separate electric circuit.

Servokon offers a range of electrical transformers that have been engineered for high performance and tested for dependability then it is supplied to various industries. As a well known transformer manufacturer, Servokon never takes quality for granted due to which it is preferred in the industry.

Since we have a state-of-the-art manufacturing unit our R&D team and experienced professional transformer manufacturers, they make every product with precision till its final delivery. Servokon strives to meet the requirement of its clients and due to this it has been successful in creating a niche market for itself.

Type of Transformers Manufactured by Servokon

The comprehensive range of transformers offered by us is as follows:

  • Digital Servo Stabilizers for Domestic Purpose
  • Automatic Voltage Stabilizers
  • Digital Voltage Stabilizers for Air Conditioners
  • Distribution & Power Transformers
  • Dry Type Transformer
  • AVR Transformers
  • Variable Auto Transformer (Variac)
  • Isolation & Ultra Isolation Transformer
  • Step Up /Step Down Transformers
  • Constant Voltage Transformer (CVT)
  • Special Transformers
Features of Servokon Transformers
  • Robust body
  • Efficient functionality
  • Low power consumption
  • Reduced noise level
  • Low temperature rise
  • Minimum maintenance cost