Managing a brand like Servokon is not the work of any single person. It requires team efforts. To plan, think and execute – each role requires specific skills, and only a true leader manages to sail the boat with diverse talents.

While Mr. Haji Kamruddin is our Founder and Managing Director, he has delegated other significant roles to remarkable leaders, who have together played their role in the growth of the company.


Director of Production

Mohd. Sadiq is the Director of Production and Plant Head at Servokon. He joined the company in 2008, and, since then he has made significant changes in the company to grow its production. His efforts did make notable changes in the plant and production sector. His unique expertise in plant handling and production management has helped Servokon to revamp its manufacturing facilities to meet rising market demands. Eventually, the company expanded its manufacturing plant and production witnessed massive growth.

“Joining Servokon was a big decision for my career, and of course, one of the best ones. I am responsible for the smooth production of the high-quality Servokon products. I focus on the optimum utilization of resources and Research and Development to cater to our clients with the best quality products. Committed as I am towards Servokon, fulfilling these functionalities is a part of my KRAs, and I would like this company to achieve tremendous growth in future.”

Zakir Hussain joined Servokon in 2008 and gladly took the responsibility of being the Director of Sales & Marketing, Future Planning, and System Implementation. The expectations could have crumbled any other man, but Zakir Hussain never stumbled. He made sure that words are spread about Servokon through proper planning. His efforts cannot be ignored when it comes to helping the company turn into a brand!

Sales & Marketing always play an efficient role in the development of a company. Servokon values the department and I have had the opportunity of building stronger teams with the freedom to exchange innovative ideas and solutions. Being a value-driven leader, I encourage my teams to cater to clients with enriching and empowering experiences. Thereby, I provide my relevant inputs and am involved with the system integration to ensure future-proof business for the company.”


Director of Sales & Marketing


Director of Purchase & Service Department

Holding the command of the Purchase and Service Department, Director Asif Khan is taking Servokon to new heights with his efforts and strategies. He is bringing in a new revolution in the P&S department and is implementing new standards for inclusive growth. He became a member of Servokon in 2015 and made sure to turn himself into a great asset to the company.

“I became a part of this world-renowned company in 2015. At the time of onboarding, following the vision of the company's leadership and maintaining their pace was a bit challenging for me, but Mr. Kamruddin's profound intellect infused in me the desired spirit. As the Director of the Purchase and Service department, I ensure that all my strategies and efforts align with the company's futuristic goals.”