“Your competition is with YOU. The formula to continue thriving is to achieve better than you did before. Persistence, dedication and hard work together can lead you to progress. Be confident of what you deliver, and success will find you!”

"Mr. Haji Kamruddin"

Today, Servokon is a number one name in the power conditioning equipment and a leading name in the transformers industry - a place earned through a lot of effort, hard work and countless sleepless nights.

We started in 1990 as a raw material manufacturer and variac supplier to servo manufacturing companies. From a small room in Delhi, we have now grown into a brand that is equipped with an excellent transformer production plant spread over an area of 10,000 meters.

Servokon is a brainchild to make the future generation enjoy a power-efficient solution. A lot of compelling thoughts, creative ideas, out-of-the-box solutions, brainstorming sessions and sleepless nights have given us this globally-recognized brand. The journey, efforts and adversities we faced all seem to be worth it when we see Servokon thriving at an international level.

There couldn’t be any perfect example for us to believe that “dreams do come true”. We have seen our dream unfolding itself in reality and encouraging us to keep going.

It is our perseverance and faith in ourselves that have turned us into an iconic business. Our team is always enthusiastic and committed to delivering superior-quality products to our clients. By embracing innovation and versatility, we have always catalyzed a revolution in the power conditioning equipment and transformer manufacturing industry.

Customer satisfaction is at the core of Servokon. Each member of our team is determined to deliver their best, and by embracing modern technologies, we are now able to meet our customer’s demands with customization in our services.

Nothing makes us more proud and contented than the fact that Servokon has set exemplary standards in the industry. However, we believe we have just got the momentum, and there are still miles to go…