Hermetically Sealed Transformers
Upto 5000 KVA

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This technology is also known as Corrugated Transformer. The function and operations of these Transformers are similar like other conventional type Transformers but the construction of main tank is done with Corrugated Fins and MS Steels to provide the adequate cooling surface to avoid heating during operation. Corrugated Fins increase the surface area and take care of dissipation of heat, the Corrugated Fins once welded become integral part of Transformer's Tank structure. The skills and the workmanship of highly experienced and qualified welders ensure that the finished Tank is leakage free, the reliability of Tank's design is proven by over pressure test.

Hermetically Shield Transformers do not have Conservators and Silicagel Breather, the Dielectric Insulating Fluid / Oil is completely sealed in the Transformer Tank and therefore is not in contact to the atmosphere. The design avoids the entry of natural air in the Transformer Tank which prevent the sludging and oxidation in the Dielectric Fluid / Oil. Since the Insulated Oil does not come in contact with external air, there is hardly any deterioration of Oil over a period of time and hence such Transformers are virtually maintenance free.

Limited Moisture in Oil
Longer Life of the Transformer
No Dehydrating Breather
No need to Oil Filtration
Limited Protection Devices Required
Compact Size
Best working in Polluted Area
Improve the reliability of the operation
Range We Offer
Capacity From 50 KVA to 5000 KVA.
Voltage Class 1.1kV, 2.2kV, 3.3kV, 6.6kV, 6.9kV, 11kV, 12.47kV, 13.2kV, 13.8kV, 15kV 22kV, 25kV, 33kV, 34.5kV, 66kV, 69kV (Any Special Customised Class as per requirement)
Low Voltage Class 380 V, 400 V, 415 V, 433 V, 440 V & 600 V, 690 V (Any Special Customised Class as per requirement)
Cooling ONAN