A Dream That Came True After Ceaseless Efforts

India entered a new decade in 1990 with fresh motivation and a positive attitude. The economic growth rates were increasing, and urbanization was also finding its roots in society, gradually. There were also many other significant events taking place in political, national, and financial ecosystems.

It was in the same year that a visionary, Mr. Haji Kamruddin, laid the founding stones of Servokon, India’s No. 1 Servo Voltage Stabilizer Manufacturing company. He dreamt of playing his part in helping the growth of the nation, and thus, a remarkable company came into existence.

Servokon began its journey as a raw material manufacturer and variac supplier to servo manufacturing companies. Mr. Kamruddin started this company with his 4-5 associates in a 10x10 size office in Delhi.

Within just 5 years, the company gained the stature of “Pvt Ltd.” The staff members also increased by then to 25 - 30.

With no funding, it was a difficult journey to cover. However, passion was the driving force behind the company that drove it to become a worldwide recognized brand.

Our efforts started yielding results, and within 10 years of our formation, we established our first factory in Noida in 2000. Since then, there has been no looking back. We reached one milestone after another.

We got registered as a Public Limited Company in 2005 and also established our first manufacturing plant in Kashipur. Hence, we started our manufacturing venture. In 2013, we expanded by buying land for another manufacturing plant in Ghaziabad, which start functioning in 2015.

In 2008, Mr. Sadiq and Mr. Zakir Hussain joined us as Directors of Production, Sales & Marketing, respectively. Later, in 2015, Mr. Asif Khan joined Servokon as Director of the Purchase & Service Department.

In 2017, we started to venture into the retail sector and by 2019, we had a dealer network of over 3,000 in more than 12 states.

During the Covid-pandemic, when the world was locked down, our growth faced no hindrance. We continued to thrive as the demand for our products accelerated. It was in 2021 that we established our branch office in Sri Nagar and a warehouse.

2022 also brought significant advancements in our work and organization. Our 16 MVA transformer received CPRI approval. With the development of our company, our staff members were also growing in numbers steadily.

Our team strength has grown to 600 members, and we have a new factory expansion, covering a 25,000 square feet area; this brought our overall manufacturing area to around 1,00,000 square feet.

With our commitment, quality and standard products, we have emerged as a leading company in manufacturing transformers and power conditioning equipment. We are also glad that we have Saif Ali Khan, a famous Bollywood actor, as our Brand Ambassador this year. The brand has a lot in common with its brand ambassador. Their dedication, commitment, and strong legacy proudly brought them together in this remarkable alliance.

From a raw material manufacturer and variac supplier, we emerged as the most trustworthy transformers and power conditioning equipment manufacturers with a strong global presence.

Our reliable, robust and versatile products have made us a primary exporter to many nations across the globe, including the Asia Pacific, the Middle East, America, Thailand, Libya, Saudi Arabia, Maldives, African countries and many more.

Our products are the perfect medium for our clients and their nations to face voltage fluctuation challenges and efficiently tackle them, boosting their financial gains. Our transformers are also widely employed for varied purposes, and they fulfil their functions efficiently. From reducing the voltage of conventional power circuits to raising the voltage from electric generators, our transformers perform excellently, allowing electric power transmission over long distances.

Our whole product range is developed to help our clients efficiently overcome electricity-related challenges and enable them to boost their financial gains. Our products are deployed in a wide array of industries for varied purposes. We are proud to be known as the backbone of the industry in our nation. We strive to solve various industrial power challenges.


Servokon is India’s only company with the largest capacity range of voltage stabilizers. With time, we also moved to the international market and are flourishing like never before. But as we all know Rome was not built in a day, and so was Servokon! It is our continuous dedication and commitment to delivering high-quality products that have helped us thrive in our eventful journey.

Servokon started in a 10x10 ft room in Delhi with a small team of four. It was a humble beginning but we have been persistent throughout. Our perseverance helped us sail through all tough times. We were backed by the visionary and exemplary leadership of Mr. Kamruddin.


Servokon is witnessing pivotal changes in a transformative phase, shifting its operations to a new corporate office in Noida, marking a momentous milestone. Concurrently, Servokon initiated ambitious plans for a new production plant, strategically positioning itself for heightened growth and development in the foreseeable future. These collective initiatives underscore Servokon's commitment to adaptability, innovation, and sustained progress within its industry.


Demonstrating versatility, Servokon diversified into renewable energy space with solar and inverter battery ranges, expanded production capacity with a 2500 Square meter production setup, and successfully completed Type Tests & Special Tests on 5 MVA (33/11 Kv) Power Transformer from CPRI, Bhopal, showcasing its commitment to quality. Leader in India's Servo Stabilizer market, with 400+ distributors, 6000+ dealers, a skilled team of 500+, and exports to 35+ countries.


Servokon marked a year of notable achievements and expansions—the appointment of Mr Saif Ali Khan as a brand ambassador aimed to fortify its market leadership. Concurrently, the company successfully added three more state branches, furthering its nationwide presence. Expanding its global footprint, Servokon extended export operations to over 25 countries. Additionally, the inception of the Servokon Education Foundation (SEF) showcased its commitment to giving back to society by providing quality education to the underprivileged. With the successful completion of 16 MVA-type tests from CPRI, Bhopal highlighted Servokon's technological advancements and unwavering pursuit of product excellence.


A year marked by successful expansions as Servokon established branches in three more states, extending its reach and market presence.


Diversifying its domestic product range by incorporating Geysers and Heaters showcased Servokon's commitment to innovation and meeting customer needs.


Enhancing brand recognition, Servokon enlisted Bollywood actor Shakti Kapoor as its brand ambassador, amplifying its market presence. Simultaneously, the company expanded its team by welcoming 50 new members and inaugurated a 500-square-meter office in Kanpur, further solidifying its operational foothold in the region.


Expanding its manufacturing capabilities, Servokon initiated operations in a sprawling 6500 square-meter factory in Ghaziabad, significantly augmenting its production capacity. Moreover, adding Mr Asif Khan, son of Mr Kamruddin, to the company further enriched Servokon's talent pool, fostering a dynamic and skilled workforce.


Enriching its leadership, Mr Zakir Hussain, son of Mr Kamruddin, and Mr Sadiq, brother of Mr Kamruddin, joined Servokon, infusing the business with fresh perspectives and making significant contributions to its growth trajectory.


Introducing Mr Raza Muraad as a Brand Ambassador furthered the company's brand recognition and resonance in the market.


Marking another stride, Servokon shifted to a larger 1250 square-meter factory in Kashipur, signifying continued growth. The company also transitioned to being registered as a public limited entity.


Establishing the esteemed 'Servokon House' in Delhi as the corporate office showcased a pivotal moment in the company's evolution, strengthening its presence and operations.


Embracing growth, Servokon relocated to a more extensive 1000-square-meter factory in Noida, reflecting a substantial expansion in its capabilities.


Achieved a significant milestone, Servokon was registered as a Pvt. Ltd. Company, solidifying its position in the market. This year also saw the esteemed recognition of receiving the prestigious Rashtriya Ekta Puruskar from the President of India


Witnessing remarkable growth, Servokon expanded operations and transitioned to its first 50-square-meter factory, marking an initial milestone of progress and expansion.


Servokon commenced its inspiring journey in a modest 15x15 ft room with a dedicated team of four individuals, laying the foundation for its future endeavours.