Servo Voltage Stabilizers Three Phase
Upto 5000 KVA

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Servo Voltage Stabilizers detect the unexpected voltage fluctuations of the power supply and reduce or increase the voltage levels with the help of Servo Motors (an important component of servo stabilizers), and then provide a stabilized, high output voltage to the end devices.

To ensure better cooling of the Servo Voltage Stabilizers, natural air or transformer oil (IS:335) is used. Oil cooled Servo Voltage Stabilizers and Air-cooled Servo Voltage Stabilizers are the best solution for industry to avoid voltage fluctuation.

Range We Offer
Standard Confirms to latest IS:9815, IS:20266 relevant International Standard or as applicable
Capacity 10 KVA to 5000 KVA [Any Special Customised Capacity as per Customer Requirement]
Correction Method Stepless Correction by SERVOKON make Copper Wound Variac [Dimmer]
Control Module Microprocessor based Control Card with EDL Technology B ADMS Technology [Optional]
Classification 100% Unbalanced / Balanced Supply 8 100% Unbalanced / Balanced Loads
No. Of Phases Three Phase
Frequency 50 / 60 Hz ± 5%
Mode of Control Automatic / Manual
Load Variation Admitted from 0 to 100%
Type of Installation Indoor / Outdoor [As per customer requirement]
Cooling Oil Natural Air Natural [ONAN] or Air Natural [AN]
Type of Oil Transformer Oil as per IS:335
Output Voltage 380/400/415 V [± 1%] Phase to Phase
Input Voltage [Phase to Phase]* 150V-460V 250V-460V 280V-460V 300V-460V 340V-460V
Input Voltage [Phase to Neutral]* 90V-270V 140V-270V 160V-270V 170V-270V 200V-270V
*(Any Special Customised Range as per Customer Requirement)
Duty Cycle/Life Continuous 24 Hrs
Response Time Less than 20 milliseconds
Correction Rate 10-60 V/Sec
Operating Temperature -15°C to +50°C
Waveform Distortion Nil [Negligible]
Efficiency More than 96% [Approx.] or As per Indian Standards 8 International Standards as applicable
Mounting Arrangement On Unidirectional Wheels