VARIABLE AUTO Transformers
Upto 50 KVA

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Variac or variable auto transformer manufactured by Servokon is available with AC control voltage controls that offer continuous AC voltage supply. Variac ensures a distortion free output that is suitable for sensitive electronic appliances and equipments in residential areas and industries. Manufactured with cutting-edge technology, these auto transformers ensure a consistent linear regulation of AC voltage to provide high output and negligible waveform distortion. It is suitable way of controlling current, light, heat and motor speed with a voltage factor. This transformer finds its wide applications in Auditorium, hotels, conference hall, laboratories, College & universities, Welding equipments, Servo stabilizer, rectifiers, battery charger and Testing instruments.

There is a single layer winding on toroidal core of high-grade cold rolled grain oriented (CRGO) steel
A contact arm with a carbon brush is fitted on the centre shaft
A special durable contact surface is made on one side of the copper winding and a specially finished carbon brush slide smoothly on the surface
As the control knob is rotated, the carbon brush slides over the winding
These step-up and step-down transformers are widely used for:
Can enhance the output voltage in excess of twice the input voltage
Low temperature rise
Any desired voltage within the maximum range can be obtained by adjusting the carbon brush
Wide assortment of current rating 4 Amp. To 1200 Amp
Calibrated dial show approximately output voltage at no load
Spare carbon brushes provided up to 28 Amp
The contact arm can be moved both manually and by motor
High quality carbon brush
Delivers an output voltage from 0 to above line voltage
Step-less voltage control
Constructed with 99.9% pure copper
Short time overload capacity
High grade CRGO steel is used for constructing coils
Maintenance cost
Auditorium, hotels, conference hall, laboratories etc.
Testing instruments
Servo stabilizer, rectifiers, battery charger
College & universities
Welding equipments