Large industries and businesses are always on the lookout to find something that can guarantee an uninterrupted performance of their equipment. One such solution that they have been vouching for over years is the Servo Voltage Stabilizers.

It guarantees the high-end performance and safety to the costly and bulky equipment at the business premise. It has become mandatory for every commercial place that is willing to put up with its international orders and market demands and is ready to move ahead with its production line. It is through the stabilizers that the entrepreneurs are assured of a long life of their electrical equipment as it stabilizes the voltage flow.

When you start looking for one, for your business; you’ll be amazed at the kind of stabilizers available to you. A varied range of stabilizers with different capacities, and functions have occupied the market. You ought to select the one that is high in quality and which gives long life to your device. Being a shield to your assets, you ought to be careful in choosing one of these for your commercial place.

One of the most extraordinarily popular stabilizers, which has also emerged as the best and most highly-demanded product in the market is the Servo Voltage Stabilizer. It is the response to all your qualms. These stabilizers promise to give you control over irregular voltage fluctuations and are determined and designed to protect your equipment from sudden voltage changes.

What is Servo Voltage Stabilizer?

Servo Voltage Stabilizer is one of the most popular stabilizers available in the market. It maintains the quantity of voltage in the power system, in case of voltage fluctuations. Through its control element, it converts the unregulated input to the regulated output, hence its name voltage stabilizer.

These stabilizers are known for their excellent performance and are designed to control irregular voltage fluctuations. In the absence of a stable voltage, your equipment might break down and it can impact the continuity and performance of your business.

The manufacturing sector is the gateway to a country’s economic prosperity. The need for this sector to perform without facing any hindrance is much more than any other. It requires an immense and continuous flow of energy, which is delivered excellently through the Servo Voltage Stabilizers.

Varying voltage is a major factor that decreases the efficiency of a manufacturing sector and increases the failure rate of the equipment. However, if you are equipped with the right kind of voltage stabilizers, then all your headaches are dealt with excellently. It enhances your ability to protect your machinery from any kind of harm.

What Are The Components Of Servo Voltage Stabilizers?

The Servo Voltage Stabilizers are made of various components; each of the components has its own role to play in order to deliver high-end performance. Let’s get to know all the components:

  • Servo Motor

The Servo motor’s shaft is connected with the buck-boost transformer. The motor has its arm and brush mechanism. When the motor is in motion, its arm shaft moves across the winding of the autotransformer. The function of the motor is to increase or decrease the number of windings. It is fitted on top of the autotransformers center point and is connected with it too.

  • Motor Driver or Relay

The motor driver is an electronic circuit. It is known for controlling the movement of the Servo Motor. The driver consists of PCBs, which also consists of solid-state circuitry, made of various elements including the registers, transistors, capacitors, microprocessors and ICs.

  • Buck/ Boost Transformer

Buck/Boost Transformer has the role of connecting between the mains input and output of stabilizer that belongs to the load terminals. There are two terminals of the transformer. One is permanently connected to fix tapping of an autotransformer, while the other one is connected with the shaft of the Servo Motor.

  • Auto Transformer

The Autotransformer or variac is the component, which is known for establishing a connection between the neutral point and phase of the input power supply.

Other major components of Servo Voltage Stabilizers include the following:

  • → High-quality graphite carbon brushes
  • → MCB/ MCCB for overload
  • → Control PCB- also known as the heart of servo stabilizers

Salient features of Servo Voltage Stabilizer

Problems occurring due to fluctuations in the mains supply might cause various difficulties in a manufacturing plant. Stable input supply is one of the mandates for all plants, as it ensures optimal performance of every piece of equipment and machinery. A Servo Voltage Stabilizer is designed to ensure protection from the fluctuating voltage and protects your plant’s performance.

These Servo Stabilizers have varied features, some of which are mentioned below:

  • → Output adjustment
  • → No waveform distortion
  • → Unaffected power supply
  • → Manual operation facility
  • → High speed of correction and high efficiency
  • → No phase shifts
  • → Auto operation facility
  • → Simple and limited maintenance
  • → High precision of the stabilized voltage
  • → Excellent networking
  • → High reliability
  • → Simple and limited maintenance
  • → Capability to compensate for the voltage variations
  • → Stabilizing high power services

The stabilizers are known for their efficiency and it manages every kind of load. It delivers the right voltage, which transforms the electric capacity and maintains the balance of the equipment. It focuses to yield better results for your manufacturing plant and results in damage control.

Product Details

Type: Automatic
Phase: Three Phase
Input Range: 90v to 330v
Cooling Type: Oil Cooled Servo Stabilizer

Why There Is A Need For Servo Voltage Stabilizer In The Market?

With Servo Voltage Stabilizers the industries and manufacturing plants can rely on sufficient power supply. These stabilizers are known for their efficiency to perform various industrial operations, effectively and smartly. Any alterations in your voltage supply, will not affect the functions of your plant at any cost. The bothersome and irritating voltage fluctuations will not be a part of your day-to-day operations with the excellent performance of these stabilizers.

The market was and is in dire need of these stabilizers as it gives them the reason to enjoy an uninterrupted performance of their machinery.

No electricity board can ensure a constant voltage. There will be fluctuations during the day or night time, it could cause issues for the machinery, which might incur a financial loss to your business. The input power supply voltage changes drastically. With stabilizers, you can ensure to receive constant voltage that supports the performance of your machinery.

Voltage fluctuations may occur due to various reasons, including overloading, interference, loose connection, strong winds, or even loose connections. However, over or under voltage supply might damage your electric equipment or machinery. Servo Voltage Stabilizers provide you with an excellent opportunity to meet your voltage needs without experiencing any kind of trouble. It will provide you with an enhanced opportunity to deal with your business operations and market demands while delivering or manufacturing nothing less than the best.

These stabilizers are also known for their explicit functions of enabling:

  • → High-level of safety
  • → Feasible customization
  • → Equipment protection
  • → Elongated appliance durability
  • → Adequate power usage

How Does Servo Voltage Stabilizer Works?

The Servo Voltage Stabilizer provides you with relief about the durability and performance of your types of machinery and equipment. But, do you know how the stabilizer works? Its working principle requires each of its components to be in good shape, ensuring proper functioning and fulfilling of requirements.

The sensing circuit, which has been modified and is currently in its advanced stage, is responsible for continuously sensing the voltage received from the mains at the stabilizer’s input. With its advanced mechanism, the circuit also sends feedback to the main control circuit. It is the sensing circuit which performs the role of the brain of your stabilizer. Sensing the voltage and transmit feedback is its function, but it is one of the major roles, which determines the further function of other components.

After the sensing circuit completes its function, the control circuit now has its role to play. It consists of a microprocessor, which continuously receives the input voltage value and uses the reference value embedded in its program to compare the voltage value. Being manufactured with the help of the attest technologies, its performance has never disappointed the manufacturer or the user. It is the role of the microprocessor to ensure the high or low voltage at the input of the stabilizer. If the voltage fluctuates, high or low, the microprocessor gives a trigger to the motor driver.

The motor driver is one of the most essential components of the Servo Voltage Stabilizer. Based on the information it receives from the microprocessor about the high or low voltage sensed at the input, the motor driver moves the servo motor across the winding of the variac or autotransformer. The process is fulfilled to increase or decrease the number of winding and hence the voltage passed through the buck-boost transformer.

Based on the above function, the voltage across the primary and secondary buck-boost transformers changes. The Servo motor shaft is attached to the primary buck-boost transformer, any change to the primary buck-boost causes a similar change in the secondary. The motor is designed in such a way that as it moves, proper voltage is applied across the buck-boost primary. It ensures that the output voltage should be equal to the pre-set or desired output voltage. The entire functioning of the motor makes it responsible for the desired voltage outcome that one needs.

The entire process described above is not a one-time function performed by the stabilizers. It is a process that takes place continuously to correct the voltage and meet your requirements. It is through the smooth functioning of the entire process that the industries gain the quality services, which they look for, which assures to protect their facility from voltage fluctuations.

How Servo Voltage Stabilizer Has Transformed The Industries?

If you look around all the industries, you will find a single thread connecting all the problems of voltage fluctuations. It is commonly known to all those industries need and uses varied electrical and electronic equipment, especially when we are standing in the 21st century. The daily routine of this equipment and the large machinery installed in the plants requires them to perform their individual functions, which keeps the industries growing.

However, voltage fluctuations can cause terrible mishaps for the equipment at the plants. It is important to keep the performance of these appliances going uninterrupted. For this, a balanced voltage supply is essential, hence the requirement of the Servo Voltage Stabilizer. Without its presence in the vicinity, the chance of damaged equipment/machinery and disruption in industrial activities is a common sight experience.

Before the use of the stabilizers, the industries of the market incurred immense losses, due to the unrestricted power supply. However, understanding the need of the market, and gauging the importance of a power regulating device, the stabilizer came into existence.

Since then, it has changed the landscape of the industries and has transformed them for a better and more economical future. The Servo Voltage Stabilizers increase or decrease the voltage levels through servo motors and delivers stabilized substantial voltage output for the proper functioning of the end equipment.

The market is full of companies claiming to deliver the best Servo Voltage Stabilizer. However, one company that silently played its role in manufacturing the best Servo Voltage Stabilizer, and allowed its quality to speak for itself is Servokon. It has emerged as the leading Servo Voltage Stabilizer manufacturer in India. If you are looking forward to customized designs and bespoke capacity requirements of the servo stabilizers, then this is the ideal brand to collaborate with. It promises to deliver what you need and helps you to keep your manufacturing plant safe and protected from the untamed power supply.

What Makes Servo Voltage Stabilizer So Popular?

If you are looking for a reliable device that would regulate the voltage supply to your industry, then the Servo Voltage Stabilizer is your answer. Every time there is a voltage fluctuation at your premise, you might have to perform some activities, which seem to be quite irritating and bothersome. At times, the fluctuation might also affect or damage your electronic goods, leaving behind a good expense on your head.

With Servo Voltage Stabilizer the pressure and serious concerns of the stabilizers are removed. The voltage fluctuation might occur due to many reasons and can cause temporary or permanent damage to the electric equipment. The stabilizer prevents the interruptions of the routine function of this equipment and protects it from experiencing any kind of damage.

Having the power of high voltage correction accuracy with +/- 1 voltage correction, the stabilizer gives you the assurance that you look for. It consists of a high-load capacity that supports up to 5000 KVA or above. Its switch-less system adjusts the fluctuating voltage at desired levels. The voltage correction is based on the step-less correction. The stabilizer is available as oil-cooled and air-cooled, and you will be surprised to find that it also fits your budget.

Formulated with high-correction speed and accuracy, the stabilizer is known for:

  • → Delivering high-level of safety for the appliances
  • → Ensuring elongated appliance durability
  • → Assuring customization option
  • → Protecting the equipment
  • → Sufficient power supply and usage

Which Industries Are Using Servo Voltage Stabilizers?

Due to the excellent protection that it guarantees, Servo Voltage Stabilizers are widely used in various industries. Its ability to maintain uniform quality of voltage, even during frequent voltage fluctuations, has made it a trusted product across the market.

These stabilizers are used in rubber industries, paper mills, food processing units, oil and Vanaspati plants, flour mills, footwear and leather units, hotels, air-conditioning plants, engineering units, export houses, multi-storeyed buildings, tea estates, offset printing machines, cold storage, hospitals, nursing homes and pharmaceutical units, beverage industries, and textile mills.

The Servo Voltage Stabilizer proves to be a perfect partner for all industries. It fulfils its responsibility in all sectors and guarantees the owners, a peaceful environment with optimal performance.

Customized Servo Voltage Stabilizer is available in the market to meet the different applications it is required for, which include:

  • Servo Stabilizers for Textile Machines and Industries
  • Servo Stabilizers for Plants, Industries and Factories
  • Servo Voltage Stabilizer CNC Machine
  • Servo Stabilizers for Medical and Hospital Equipment
  • Servo Voltage Stabilizers for Cold Storage Plant
  • Servo Stabilizers for Packaging Machines

The applications are huge in numbers. Understanding the various demands of each industry, the manufacturers develop a customized electrical solution that prevents any kind of electrical hazards, caused due to voltage issues.

What Makes Servokon The Best Servo Stabilizer Manufacturer?

Servokon is the pioneer and a primary name in the servo stabilizer manufacturing industry. It is an undisputed leader and India’s leading Servo Stabilizer manufacturer. Being in the industry for more than three decades, the company has evolved and emerged as a brand, which is often considered to be the synonym for trusted and quality servo voltage stabilizers.

Its unmatched value and relentless pursuit of excellence have enabled it to form a unique and unchallenged position in the market. The company is also known for its feat of capturing the global market through its top-notch quality stabilizer manufacturing.

It has a huge manufacturing plant, equipped with the latest state-of-the-art infrastructure, which guarantees excellent stabilizer manufacturing. Over the years the company has established a hold and a strong foot in the national and global market, thanks to its unhampered quality. By embracing the change and technological advancements with time, Servokon has always remained a pioneer and has proved its dedication to serving its clients with the best.

The brand is also known for manufacturing customized Servo Voltage Stabilizers for its clients. Meeting their specific requirements and the voltage capacity of their geographic location the company is known for providing an excellent stabilizer that controls and averts any damage to the equipment on the connected premise. Its commitment and core values of maintaining integrity and transparency with its clients have worked wonders for the brand. If you are willing to make an undistinguishable change in your market repute and performance, get in touch with the high-end Servo Voltage Stabilizer Manufacturer today!

What are the types of Servo Voltage Stabilizers?

At Servokon, three different types of Servo Voltage Stabilizers are available to meet your requirements. These are:

  • → Variac Type Servo Stabilizer
  • → Rolling Contact Type Servo Stabilizer
  • → HT AVR (HT Servo Stabilizer)


Top 10 Servo Voltage Stabilizer Manufacturers Company in India 

Here is the list of Top 10 Servo Voltage Stabilizer Manufacturers & Suppliers in India.

  1. Servokon
  2. Reliable Power System
  3. Atandra
  4. Textronik Industries
  5. Vertex Power
  6. Jindal Electric
  7. Servomax
  8. PureVolt
  9. EVR Power
  10. EEE Power Solutions

DISCLAIMER: Servokon Pvt Ltd is not liable for the accuracy of the content of this post since it is written from the author’s perspective.

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