Top 10 Transformer Manufacturers, Company in India

Servokon is an esteemed name in the world of top 10 Transformer Manufacturers in India. Established in 1990, the organisation has witnessed massive success since then by producing impeccable quality transformers using pioneering technology and tools. We are known for designing, fabricating, and supplying assorted power conditioning equipment and transformers. We are known for providing power transformers, distribution transformers, furnace transformers, dry-type transformers, and many more. Our quality parameters and transparency have helped us achieve complete customer satisfaction throughout these years. We have received approval from ISO, NABL, ERDA, and other reputed government organisations. It has helped us capture Indian and global markets by supplying high-functioning, durable transformers.

We are continuously improving our products and services with our vision to bring a revolution in the transformer manufacturing industry. Servokon built a vast infrastructure with high-tech machinery, sophisticated technology, and highly skilled engineers and industry experts. We take utmost care in all the processes, including R&D, designing, manufacturing, coating, testing, packaging, and distribution. At Servokon, we understand the importance of transformers in industries and residential areas for the successful transmission & distribution of transformers. We emphasise sourcing the best resources and materials to fabricate exceptional quality transformers. Let’s dive into this blog to learn more about the types of transformers manufactured by us and the top 10 transformer manufacturers in India.

Different types of Transformers

A transformer is an electronic device configured in different ways to transmit electrical power from one alternating current circuit to multiple others by transforming its voltage level. We mainly have step-up or step-down transformers that help increase or decrease the voltage, respectively. All these transformers work on a similar principle known as electromagnetic induction. However, their design, configuration, and purpose vary from each other. Let’s check the different types of transformers supplied by Servokon.

Power Transformers

The power transformer is crucial among the variety of transformers available in the market. It is an essential part of every electrical system, which helps in power generation, transmission, and distribution at different places. These huge transformers are built and consist of primary and secondary windings wrapped around a single magnetic core. The primary function of power transformers is to step up and down the voltage levels according to the quantity suitable for the transmission and distribution of electrical energy. At Servokon, we have technically advanced engineers proficient in designing power transformers for several industries and residential sectors.

We are known to offer a wide range of power transformers with a capacity of up to 50MVA and a voltage range of up to 69kV. We also provide customised power transformers for special requirements. Some industries to which we supply power transformers are the power generation industry, steel industry, cement industry, mining industry, nuclear power plants, oil & gas industry, renewable energy plants, substations, and many more. The power transformers we supplied help offer stable and reliable voltage and current. They are considered best to safeguard heavy electrical appliances and machinery from damage due to high voltage current supply. Our power transformers are also reliable for long-distance power transmission by minimizing power loss.

Distribution Transformer

A distribution transformer is mainly utilised to distribute electrical energy from the leading distribution channel to multiple channels, including commercial places, industries, and homes. These transformers are specially manufactured for the electrical distribution system and are highly utilised in various sectors. They are utilised to reduce the high or low voltage level to the required level. The initial voltage received by these transformers is high, and it is then transformed to a lower voltage for the safe and reliable functioning of the appliances.

Our distribution transformers are highly preferred due to their properties like minimising power loss and offering safety from electrical hazards and short circuits. Currently, we supply distribution transformers to the mining industry, power transmission & distribution industry, oil & gas plants, manufacturing industries, automobile industries, construction industry, wind & solar power projects, and a few more. We supply distribution transformers of capacity up to 10MVA and voltage range up to 69kV.

Hermetically Sealed Transformers

As the name suggests, ‘hermetic’ means tightly sealed. So, this transformer is designed in a way that all its components are sealed to keep them in isolation from the external environment. It is done to offer safety to the internal members like windings and core from water, moisture, dust, and air. As all the components are appropriately enclosed, it becomes easy to prevent the degradation of the functioning and insulation of these transformers. When sealed in a tank, hermetically sealed transformers utilise insulating fluid or oil as insulators and coolant.

At Servokon, we design compact-size hermetically sealed transformers that require minimum to no maintenance and are highly durable. The insulation oil or fluid used in them also requires no filtration and does not degrade quickly due to no contact from external factors or air. They are predominantly used in places with harsh environmental conditions or highly polluted areas. We have hermetically sealed transformers of around 5000 KVA capacity. The industries where they are mainly utilised are the power generation, chemical industry, marine projects, oil and gas industry, steel industry, mining industry, and metal processing industry.

Inverter Duty Transformers

According to the name, these transformers function both as transformers and inverters. They include both an electronic transformer and an inverter circuit inside them. In simple language, these transformers are mainly used to transmit electrical power without altering the frequency. It is one of the reasons why they are utilised in industries with variable frequency drives. Their primary side consists of multiple windings, which are helpful in boosting their performance. To offer optimum efficiency, we ensure we use the best quality components in their construction while following all the international safety standards. These transformers are also known as step-up transformers or solar transformers. They are highly utilised in wind and solar energy projects.

Our inverter duty transformers are available in capacity up to 20MVA. For high voltage, they come in the range of up to 33kV and for low voltage, they come in the field of up to 800 V. It is a versatile transformer due to its use in several industries, including HVAC, manufacturing industry, mining industry, oil industry, renewable energy projects, water treatment plants, automotive industry, and a few more.

Furnace Transformers

The furnace transformers are specifically designed for heating systems or furnace operations and help provide energy to the arc furnace. By keeping a check on the voltage, these transformers help alter the high voltage to low voltage according to electrical devices or to fulfil the requirements of the furnace. The furnace transformers we designed can be utilised for industrial, commercial, and residential uses. They are known to supply high current or power at low voltage supply. They can resist mechanical and electrical stress and are considered best at handling high winds.

At present, we are supplying furnace transformers to the chemical industry, glass industry, heat treatment industry, metallurgical research sector, steel industry, and aluminium industry. The capacity of the furnace transformers supplied by us is up to 30MVA, and the range of its voltage class is up to 33kV.

Compact Sub Station (CSS)

A compact substation, also known as an integrated packaged substation, includes multiple components crucial for electrical power distribution. Its main features include transformers, switchgear, and medium-voltage and low-voltage equipment. All these components are enclosed within a lockable door, which can be easily accessed during the maintenance of this equipment. We test all equipment before assembling them in one unit. The utilisation of these types of transformers is considered excellent for offering safety and efficiently meeting the requirements of several industries.

We manufacture compact sub-stations of around 2500KVA capacity and varying voltage classes. As one of India’s top 10 transformer manufacturers, we supply compact substations to the telecommunication sector, transportation sector, renewable energy projects, oil & gas industry, construction industry, mining industry, and several other industrial and commercial facilities.

Dry Type Transformers

As the name suggests, this transformer does not utilise any liquid in its windings and core for cooling and insulation. A dry-type transformer uses solid insulation and cooling materials like cast resin. We also manufacture a vacuum pressure-impregnated transformer, which consists of high and low-voltage windings and an iron core. The most common solid insulation material used in these transformers is epoxy resin. These transformers can be used for indoor applications due to the feasibility offered by them for indoor installation. When keeping the environment and safety in mind, dry-type transformers are considered best due to no use of liquid insulation and no pollution.

At Servokon, we manufacture Dry Type Transformers for multiple industries, including food processing, automotive, textiles, electronics, data centres, mining, transportation, and commercial buildings. To fulfil the needs of all these industries, we design transformers of varying capacities up to 4 MVA along with different voltage classes.

Pad Mounted Transformers

Ground-mounted transformers are enclosed inside a cabinet and help stabilise the output voltage for proper electrical power distribution. At Servokon, we manufacture three-phase pad-mounted transformers filled with liquid insulation. These transformers are well-suited for outdoor installations and use outdoor air for cooling. They are easy to maintain and install and are considered highly reliable in terms of safety. Our engineers utilise the best engineering designs and exceptional quality materials in fabricating these transformers,

Pad Mounted Transformers are highly used in industries like data centres, the telecommunication sector, the transportation industry, data centres, shopping centres, and several other commercial, industrial, and residential areas. The capacity of these transformers is up to 5000 KVA with varying voltage classes up to 34.5 kV.

HT-AVR Transformer with Built-In AVR

The HT-AVR transformer is a High-Tension Transformer with an Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR). Such transformers are designed to regulate high voltage input by transforming it into low voltage output by utilising AVR. With the help of AVR, it is easy to check the voltage level and adjust it according to the required distribution channels. The availability of an in-built AVR eliminates the requirement for an external AVR in the system, making transformers better and more compact. The HT-AVR Transformer with Built-In AVR manufactured by us can be easily installed due to being a less complex device. Also, they are best suited for sensitive equipment with high voltage fluctuations.

Servokon fabricates HT-AVR Transformers of up to 10 MVA capacity with a voltage class of up to 33 kV. These transformers are used in manufacturing, chemical, mining, food & beverage, water treatment plants, telecommunication, automotive, power plants, thermal projects, and many more.

Top 10 Transformer Manufacturers Company in India 

Here is the list of Top 10 Transformer Manufacturers & Suppliers in India.

  1. Servokon
  2. Gujarat Transformers Private Limited
  3. Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited (BHEL)
  4. Siemens India
  5. EVR Power
  6. Kirloskar Electric Company Limited
  7. Alstom T&D India
  8. Uttam Bharat
  9. Kotson Pvt. Ltd.
  10. ABB India

FAQs: Transformer

Q. What is a Transformer? 

Ans. A transformer is an electrical device with several components, including windings, core, insulation agents, etc. These devices work on Faraday’s Law of electromagnetic induction and are utilised to transmit electrical power from a primary or main circuit to one or several secondary circuits. The primary function of a transformer includes altering voltage supply between the input and output circuit according to several applications.

Q. What are the different types of Transformers?

Ans. There are a variety of transformers used according to multiple applications. The different types of transformers we manufacture are power transformers, distribution transformers, dry-type transformers, pad-mounted transformers, furnace transformers, inverter duty transformers, and a few more. However, the types of transformers also vary per phase, core, and cooling system.

Q. Why We Use Transformers?

Ans. As versatile electrical devices, transformers are utilised for various applications and at multiple facilities. The central purpose of transformers is to increase or decrease the voltage level during the power transmission from one circuit to another or many. They are utilised for safeguarding electrical appliances by minimising high voltage input to low voltage output during the power supply to residential areas or common voltage requirement areas. When long-distance power transmission occurs, the transformers are utilised to reduce power loss.

Q. Main Components of Transformers?

Ans. All the transformer works on the principle of electromagnetic and mutual induction. They include two coils: the primary and secondary coils (also known as windings), a core, and insulating mediums. The insulating mediums include insulation oil, insulating paper, solid insulation medium, wood-based lamination, and a few more.

Q. Advantages & Applications of Transformers?

Ans. Transformers, one of the crucial devices of an electrical system, offer several advantages, including efficient energy transmission and distribution, safety from electrical hazards, support for several renewable energy projects, minimising loss of electrical power, stepping up and down voltage, and cost-efficiency.

Transformers are used in several applications, including power generation, power transmission, power distribution, alternating current regulation, steel manufacturing, electronic equipment, audio systems, construction, solar projects, wind power projects, automobile manufacturing, etc.

Q. Difference between a Power Transformer and a Distribution Transformer?

Ans. Power Transformers are mainly utilised for handling high-power transmissions with high voltage levels. At the same time, the distribution transformers are utilised for minimising high voltage to a desired voltage level. Power Transformers help in increasing voltage levels during long-distance transmissions. In contrast, the distribution transformers are used for reducing the rating of voltage for the distribution of power to consumer’s facilities. The power transformers have a rating higher than 200 MVA, whereas distribution transformers have a rating lesser than 200 MVA. Power Transformers are large, whereas distribution transformers are smaller in size.

Q. What is a Distribution Transformer and Its Application?

Ans. A Distribution Transformer is a transformer utilised to decrease the voltage rating to the voltage level required at the consumer’s load. They are also known as step-down transformers. The applications of distribution transformers are cement manufacturing, refineries, manufacturing industries, shopping malls, construction projects, mining, solar projects, hydropower projects, and residential & commercial buildings.

DISCLAIMER: Servokon Pvt Ltd is not liable for the accuracy of the content of this post since it is written from the author’s perspective.

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