Power conditioning refers to the process of improving or modifying the quality of electrical power to ensure that it meets the requirements of connected electronic or electrical devices. The primary goal is to provide a stable and clean power supply, free from disturbances and variations, to enhance the efficiency and reliability of electrical and electronic systems.

The Servo Voltage Stabilizer (Voltage Corrector or Voltage Regulator) is an electrical and electronic product specially designed to control the fluctuations or stabilize the output voltage to prevent the electrical appliances and electrical equipment from breakdown due to voltage fluctuations on the input side. The Servo Voltage Stabilizer usually works on the Low Voltage Lines (LT).

Another important power conditioning product is Online Uninterruptible Power Supply (Online UPS) is a type of uninterruptible power supply system that provides a continuous and stable power supply to connected devices, even in the event of power interruptions, fluctuations, or surges. We manufacture variety of Power Conditioning products as follows: